Metafit Personal Training

Our MetafitTM Personal Training Program is designed for those of you that have not got much time in your busy days for long hour training sessions. If your goal is to lose weight, tone up and improve your cardiovascular fitness in a short space of time then this is what you have been looking for!

The MetafitTM is the original 20 – 30 minute, non-choreographed, bodyweight only HIIT workout created by former Royal Marine Commando Justin Corocan. It combines the latest HIIT training techniques with traditional ‘old school’ bodyweight exercises to set the metabolism on fire!

But what exactly will MetafitTM do for you & your body:

  • Builds up lean muscle while still continuing to lose fat
    The additional muscle will pay dividends by increasing your resting metabolism so that you’re burning extra calories at all times of the day. Build muscle and lose fat, all while exercising for less time. Seems too good to be true, but it is.
  • Burns more total fat than traditional steady-state endurance training.
    Due to its “after burn” effect or excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) your body will continue to burn extra calories up to 48 hours after finishing a HIIT session. Two days’ worth of extra calorie burning for the price of a 30 minute HIIT session – great deal!!!
  • Boost key hormone production.
    Boosts growth hormone and testosterone levels after just 10 minutes and the harder you exercise the more will be produced. Growth hormone and testosterone is a potent combo for both fat loss and muscle growth.
  • Improved VO2 Max (Cardiovascular Fitness)
    Generally speaking, the higher your VO2 max, the better your fitness level meaning that you can exercise at greater intensities for longer periods of time. Metafit will result in significant improvements in VO2 max and this can be achieved whether you are a beginner exerciser or an advanced athlete.